sušička potravin Excalibur

Excalibur dehydrators without a timer

High-performance food dehydrators with an adjustable thermostat. More dehydrators you will find on


  sušička potravin Sedona

Dehydrators with timer

Timers allow for the convenience of "set and forget" dehydrating. More dehydrators you will find on


  Kurutma pedi


Non-stick Paraflexx sheets for liquid mixtures and fruit leathers dehydration. Find more accessories on


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Spare parts

Spare parts for food dehydrator Excalibur. More spare parts for all dehydrators you will find on


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About dehydrators

Food drying dates back to ancient times when it was a necessity, not a culinary treat. Modern methods of food preservation through cooling, freezing, canning or pasteurization have almost replaced this ancient method. Despite all our food processing technologies, however, drying remains one of the most nutritious, safe, economic and taste-preserving way of food preservation.

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