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Drying tips

Dried tomatoes

Ripe and firm tomatoes are suitable for drying. Wash and dry the tomatoes. Cut with a sharp knife as desired, into quarters or eighths or 5 mm slices. Then place them evenly in one layer on drying trays. Drying time depends on the actual size of your tomatoes. Larger pieces take longer to dry. Set the temperature at 50°C to 55°C for 8 to 10 hours. Well-dried tomatoes are firm and crispy. If you add salt and a bit of pepper before drying, you can serve them as chips.

Dried plums

South American scientists have discovered a very interesting thing. The substance triterpenoid, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria causing gum inflammation, tooth decay including plaque, is abundant in dried plums. Eating dried plums can thus prevent bacteria from linking and attaching to your teeth. Plums are very watery and juicy which makes the drying time longer. It is good to choose very ripe or overripe plums. After rinsing them, immerse them in hot water and after 30 seconds, cool them down with cold water. This softens their hard peel which is not quite suitable for drying. Let the plums drain and remove pits. You can also dry them with pits, but it takes longer. Place pitted plums on the tray with the open side up and dry for ten hours at approximately 55 °C. Then interrupt drying for about five hours and let the plums rest. After this break, dry them for another ten hours at the same temperature. Repeat the entire process once more. The exact drying time cannot be established and depends on the plums’ ripeness and size.

Dried blueberries

Blueberries are another interesting fruit, which contains anthocanin, a powerful antioxidant helping in the prevention of free radicals in the body. Thanks to it, our body can better fight various health problems, such as varicose veins, haemorrhoids, glaucoma and cataract, gastric ulcer, heart diseases and cancer. Dried blueberries are mostly used to make tea. Due to their sugar content, you should use ripe or overripe fruits. For easier and faster drying, you can immerse them in hot water and then cool down in cold water, similarly as with plums. After draining them, place them on the tray and dry at about 55 °C for 30 hours. Like with plums, you can interrupt the drying for a few hours and let the blueberries rest. If dried blueberries are firm, you did it right.

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About dehydrators

Food drying dates back to ancient times when it was a necessity, not a culinary treat. Modern methods of food preservation through cooling, freezing, canning or pasteurization have almost replaced this ancient method. Despite all our food processing technologies, however, drying remains one of the most nutritious, safe, economic and taste-preserving way of food preservation.

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